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Boston Herald 12/26/03
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Worldly newsies find home where the heart is

By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
Friday, December 26, 2003

Had enough of your spouse underfoot this holiday season? Then imagine globe-trotting with him or her for an entire 365 days without the last stop being divorce court!
     Ex-7Newsman Garvin Thomas reports he's still ``happily'' hitched to his bride of two years, former WBZite Karen Crocker, after an entire year of togetherness touring the world.
     ``Well, we came back together,'' Thomas told the Track. ``That should mean something.''
     Garvin and Karen, who landed in California on Thanksgiving Day and drove cross-country to the Cape shortly thereafter, say being in sync with each other's travel goals helped them weather the wilds of the world.
     ``It wasn't the days of wine and roses,'' said Thomas. ``But I'd say we fought no more being together 24/7 than our first year of marriage. But we had the same priorities.''
     In other words, if the guy wants to climb every mountain and the gal's goal is to sit on every beach, that could cause more trip trouble than, say, Lake Titicaca trout. (Which led the Thomas/Crockers to experience the region's toilets up close and personal!)
     The couple's flying-by-the-seat-of-their-cargo-shorts continent-hopping brought them from Hawaii to New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Mongolia, South Africa, South America and Europe.
     While they won't 'fess up what was their favorite global hotspot, they're high on Mongolia, where they hitchhiked for three weeks and then stayed for an extra two after embracing the locals. (Check out the newsies' on-the-road reports at
     ``One of our goals was spending time with people who don't normally meet tourists and we achieved that in Mongolia,'' said Thomas, who also spent a month learning Spanish in Sucre, Bolivia.
     And while there were low points, like finding out about the SARS outbreak in China the day before they crossed the border there and having money stolen in South Korea, a burg in Bolivia swept them off their feet - literally!
     ``We had done very well not getting sick for the whole year, but the very last week of the trip we decided to take a mini-vacation on the shores of Lake Titicaca in the town of Copacabana,'' he said. ``We decided on a real fancy place at $15 a night.
     ``Well, we ate at a place known for trout and went down for about five days,'' he said. ``I mean, we ate cheap food cooked in street stalls all over the world and never had a problem.''
     Both Garvin and Karen spent lots of time that week in their Bolivian bathroom - but not together!

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